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My Story

I'm Living My Dream...

Nature has always been my thing. I love the smell of dirt and mulch almost as much as the flowers and their beauty. Growing up, I loved to be in the garden with my grandparents and, to this very day, in the garden with my mom. Even though I love to design beautiful bouquets, I love the people that I get to be of service to even more.

Flowers are a beautiful way to bring joy through good times and bad. Their delicate fragrance and beauty can transport our minds to a different place when we need them to and help remind us of a special time we long for. They change our perspective no matter the situation.  

After working in the floral and design industry for over 30 years, opening my own brick-and-mortar is a dream come true. Creating the perfect atmosphere for your special moment, as well as preparing unique and fresh floral arrangements, is a god given gift and a passion of mine. From the just because I was thinking of you to the Daddy-Daughter corsages and the most elaborate of occasions, we would be honored to serve you.
"There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of someone's special moments, and there's nothing better than making people smile while creating life-long memories with our flowers."

Greg and Stephanie Fenner

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