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Share  the  Love

      Our Share the Love Collection is precious to our hearts. It allows our customers to give encouragement, share in a special moment, or just say thank you in a unique and special way.   

Why so Special?    The tags.......

Hand Made by our dear friend and artist Christine Grantner, each tag is individually cut, stamped, and painted. The tags share tiny encouraging words and embellishments that bring as much joy to the person giving as the one receiving.

     These beautiful miniature bouquets are done in glass vases varying in size, shape and color. Each bouquet a custom masterpiece of its own, and for a unique personal gift for under $20 , it is one of the sweetest to have shared.

* delivery available w/ 2 or more to the same address  


For the entire Law is fulfilled in keeping this one command:

"Love your neighbor as yourself"


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